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Sitting in an exam hall is no less than timing a bomb. Especially when you see the complex language of the question papers and the answers all look alike. There is no perfect solution to one question. Oh god! It is all so panicky. Have you heard that phrase. When you want something, you send the message out into the universe and it will all happen. Where is this universe when we want the right answer. You keep glaring at the questions and even read them multiple times as if the question is going to tell you itself “oh hey! Here i am! Pick me. No! No!. this is just your mind playing tricks. But you can avoid these mistakes by following these tips.
We all have appeared for one or the other exam sometimes. While sitting in the exam hall, all we think about finishing the paper soon and just know our results soon. We are so much in hurry, that we often overlook these points and end up losing a bunch of marks that we could have gotten anyway. So let us conjecture upon these points for a bit and see how you can save those extra marks. We are going to discuss those 7 points which candidates often forget to think about. Now next time, when you go for any exam, you should remember these points.
Not reading the marking scheme

I remember an incident when I appeared for a competitive exam, I made friends with a fellow exam participant. After the exam ended, over the casual enquiries about the question paper analysis, I asked the exam taker, how many answers do you think you have gotten right. And here is what she replied – well looking at the negative marking scheme- I think I will surely get around 350 or something. When I said that “I don’t know but since 1 mark will be deducted for each incorrect answer, I think I will end up around 300 or little more” Hearing the negative marking, she was surprised and told me that she had thought that the marking scheme was ⅓ for wrong answers marked. I showed her the paper where the negative marking was written and she started lamenting why she didn’t see the marking scheme. So such situations must be avoided. Dear Friends! You should take a look at the marking scheme before you begin to write your exam.

Not reading the instructions on the question booklet

A lot of the time, candidates start to write their answers as soon as they get the indication or the bell rings. They overlook the instructions and often neglect these instructions and get confused about some general points like – centre code, question booklet code etc. They misinterpret information and then look for whiteners/ white markers. All these information are clearly printed on the question booklet and hence, you do not need the help of the invigilator. Therefore, read the instructions on the question booklet.

Not reading the Admit Card details

Some time back, I was told by a friend about a terrible mistake that had been done from his part and it resulted in his disqualification. When he appeared for the exam, he did not take his photo id and an attested photo. This information was printed in the admit card. Usually admit cards has the essential information as to whether the candidates will be required to carry photo id, attested recent passport size photographs, whether to follow a dress code, whether stationary will be provided to them or not. Therefore, it is very important to read the details on the admit card. Do not just overlook them. Carefully read each and every single point. As the officials may not pay heed to your valid reasons. It will be unfair to others.

Not searching about the exam venue in advance

Well! A common mistake that students commit is not browsing the area of the designated venue to them. Admit card has the exact details of the address where the candidate has been allotted a seat to appear for the examination. It is also indicated in the admit card sometimes that students, if possible, should visit the exam venue a day prior their examination in order to avoid delays and get an idea about the travel timing and fair charges that will be incurred in reaching their destination. They estimate approximate timing which can be taken in reaching the destination and thus get late in reporting. That is why it is highly suggested that individuals do a decent research about the area whether transport will be available or not?, whether the distance is in walking parameter or not? Etc. These help a great deal. Supposing you are new to the destination, the auto drivers, cab drivers charge extra money. And you feel ditched.
Not attempting the paper as instructed
These days exam are conducted on specially designed sheets called OMR or Online. well gone are the days when the results were announced 3-4 months later. These days these Optical Readable sheets or online system have made this possible that results are declared within a month’s duration. However, answer must be marked correctly so that your answer can be read by the machine correctly. There is a specific way of marking the answers in OMR. For example, you can use only black/ blue ball point pen only or the circles must be shaded properly and appropriately. Some students commit the mistake of not paying attention to the instruction and leave their answers marked improperly. These answers are then, due to non-readability get calculated in total estimation and you end up losing marks for it. Therefore, mark your answers as per the instructions.

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